Shenzhen Vigatec Development Co., Ltd., The brand CROWNLINK was established in 2006 ,specializing in the production of contacts & connectors for FPC / FFC and cable, and metal domes.  We have the strict QC procedure beginning from the raw materials, molds’ precision, electroplating, production process to our services, and implementation of every detail. 

 In 2013, we obtained ISO9001: 2008 certification, all products comply with ROHSstandard.  The products could be applied on the industries of membrane switch, touch screen, home appliances, the control panels of kitchen and bath equipments, industrial control, medical instrumentation, automotive electronics, toys, fitness equipment, military defense ...and so on. 

 Constantly develop new products to meet customers’ demand,we also providing customized services, contacts crimping and assembly services.  To learn more about the history of CrownLink growth, please kindly refer to History.

Main products:

* Contacts & connectors for FPC/FFC and cable

* Metal Domes

* Crimping Machine

* Contacts crimping and cable assembly services

* Embedded Processing Injection