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What is the storage of housing?

Store in dry, shady, insolent space.

Description of the source of metal parts used in the factory

The source of metal used in CROWNLINK is not produced by the Democratic Republic of Congo and its surrounding countries.

Terminal Crimping on single or double layer(FPC/FFC)?

be concerned with as below:

1.Ductility of PET Material

2.Printing ink surface or other side

3. minimum R angle of Crimping mold

What’s the thickness of the FPC/FFC with Terminal 2808 series?


Does the electroplating process with Potassium Gold Cynaide

Yes,electroplating process with Potassium Gold Cynaide

See the attached file.


Minimum order/package?

Contacts:10K、15K、30K/per reel,5reel/Carton.
Housing:500 pcs(7~26pin) or 1000 pcs(2~6pin) /bag. 
Metal Dome:10K/bag or 4~5K/reel

Free sample for testing?

Free samples,housing* 35PCS

Metal Dome* 100PCS


Biggest advantage over our competitors?

Stock amply for standard items, resonable price, proffessional service, Total solution, Customization, mold design, Crimping and assembly service.

Application range?

The products could be applied on the industries of membrane switch, touch screen, home appliances, the control panels of kitchen and bath equipments, industrial control, medical instrumentation, automotive electronics, toys, fitness equipment, military defense ...and so on

Can’t ready the technology information

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